Take Anywhere Articulation Drill for all IOS Devices – Drillaby

Drillaby is a speech therapy game designed to give kids lots of opportunities to practice the sounds they are working on in therapy while playing a motivating game. The object of the game is to get Drillaby through four different areas on an island and then home! The child must produce sounds correctly to get Drillaby home.

Drillaby PRO


App Features

  • Designed by certified speech-language pathologists.
  • Articulation game includes a choice of six sound groups: /k/-/g/, /t/-/p/, /v/-/f/, /sh/-/ch/, /l/. /s/ and /s/blends.
  • Three levels of difficulty including words in carrier phrases.
  • Reinforces homework between therapy sessions.
  • Specifically targets the appropriate sound for kids to work on when parents ask for homework ideas.
  • All sound groups can be presented in US, UK or AUS accents.
  • Session records can be viewed for each student within the app or emailed as a .CSV attachment.
  • Excellent complement to the SLP Minimal Pairs app for iPad providing more words and levels of difficulty for practice.